What Axeleo does

Startup acceleration

Born and raised in the tech B2B ecosystem, we have developed our own acceleration framework to take French Seed SaaS startups to the next level. Our teams help founders turn their organizations into Serie A-ready startups by reshaping their value propositions and go-to-markets.

Venture capital

With +€80m under management, Axeleo Capital offers French and European tech startups’ founders unique support from seed investment with a hands-on approach to Serie A/B phase for the most promising ones. Our portfolio features companies like Alsid (exit), Jenji, Joko, SheeldMarket, Cumul.io.

Corporate innovation

We help corporations create 360° innovation platforms. We craft tailor-made programs to analyze strategic challenges and identify the best innovation levers. We specialize in venture operations such as Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship with a proven track among leaders in Banking, Insurance, Industry.   

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