VC fund for Enterprise Technology startups
Axeleo Capital fuels B2B digital businesses’ growth through equity investment.

Axeleo Capital provides seed investment to support startups during and beyond their business acceleration

Timely funding is of the utmost importance to support execution and fully reveal the benefits of business acceleration.


Over the past years, we became convinced that combining acceleration and funding for our startups is the best way to de-risk early-stage startups. Practically speaking, this means we invest at key points of the business acceleration program: a seed investment when the startups enter the acceleration program, and after it exists the acceleration program, through subsequent funding rounds. With our deep operational involvement, this is where we know we can add the most value.

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Axeleo Capital I

The VC fund dedicated to early-stage Enterprise Technology startups in France


Axeleo Capital I is a 35M€ fund launched in 2017. Since 2019, an additional 10M€ from Hi Inov is delegated to Axeleo Capital.


Axeleo Capital invests from €500K to €3M from post-seed to Series A, through Axeleo Capital I, exclusively in enterprise tech startups accelerated by the Axeleo Scale program. Axeleo Capital I is backed by the French Tech Accélération fund operated by Bpifrance, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, VINCI Energies, banks, family offices and entrepreneurs.


Axeleo Capital I invests in 6 to 8 seed-stage startups per year with the aim to structure the company thanks to the acceleration program, and put the company in the best conditions for the Series A in which we can commit up to 3M€.

Thanks to its structuring program and a day-to-day operational relationship, our executive team has been supported to move successfully from an ambitious technical solution to a sustainable and predictable international venture by gaining very fast in business maturity.
Emmanuel Gras
Co-founder & CEO @Alsid
Funding round
Manty raises 2.4M€
to improve local government management
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