Tenable completes acquisition of Alsid

Axeleo Capital is proud to announce that Tenable Network Security has completed the acquisition of Alsid, a leader in securing Active Directory, on April 26, 2021.

The acquisition combines the complementary strengths of two cybersecurity innovators and marks an important milestone in Tenable’s vision to help organizations understand and reduce cyber risk across the entire attack surface. Today, Tenable also announced the availability of Tenable.ad, a new solution leveraging Alsid technology to secure Active Directory environments and disrupt one of the most common attack paths in both advanced persistent threats and common hacks.

There is much to be proud of since Axeleo Capital has been backing Alsid from the early days. With Alsid’s deep expertise in securing Active Directory, Tenable is adding a new and innovative approach to disrupting cyberattacks.

Congrats teams! Special mention to Mathieu Viallard for this exit!

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