We target Europe

We target Europe. We aim to bring our portfolio companies a broader view to find arbitrage opportunities among these markets and initiate close relationships locally with our ecosystem and the limited partners of our fund. We have an outward-looking vision.

We seize opportunities

The real estate industry is facing strong momentum, with massive changes in demographic growth. It also is front and center amidst environmental concerns. We truly believe innovation is key for real estate to face new trends such as home offices or the sharing economy.

We love entrepreneurs

We understand that innovation in real estate requires making a bridge between digital and brick and mortar, which sometimes implies adding “people” “operation costs” or “hardware” to the equation. Innovations help the industry scale while reducing its social impact.

We have a dual expertise

Axeleo Proptech 1 leverages dual expertise in seed capital-venture financing and real estate/construction. Our team provides experts, tools, and methodologies to help founders from the Proptech industry to structure their venture and reach their product-market fit.


Launch of Axeleo PropTech I

0,2 to 3 M€

Invested per startup


Urban citizens in 2050