Axeleo helps you define the main challenges to be solved and the best innovation levers to achieve your goals

Challenges & goals

The success of intrapreneurship projects depends on 2 main factors: The ability of the team to execute "like a startup": moving very quickly from idea to product, and then from product to market; with all the transformations involved in terms of team scaling, processes structuration and funding needs. 


We support intrapreneurs based on acceleration methodologies proven with 100+ startups. In addition to supporting intrapreneurs, we also act as an independent board member or advisor to decision-makers to facilitate the evaluation and governance of innovative models.

You’re in good hands from A to Z


Entrepreneurial expertise.
Strategic support from successful
ntrepreneurs and experts from
Axeleo's network


Execution and follow-up.
Thematic acceleration sequences
adapted to projects needs, combined
with regular follow-up.


Access to our knowledge
platform and exclusive
perks on a daily basis.


  • Immersion of intrapreneurs in an entrepreneurial ecosystem 
  • Acculturation of decision-makers to innovative business models
  • De-risking of projects by providing expertise and experience

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