Axeleo helps you define the main challenges to be solved and the best innovation levers to achieve your goals

Challenges & goals

The innovation department and business lines sometimes have difficulty speaking the same language. While the former want to look ahead and imagine the future of their industry 10 years from now, the latter is focused on their objectives for the year and expects innovation to provide pragmatic solutions to their day-to-day challenges.


Questioning strategic objectives brings to light values and methods. Contextualizing ambitions joins an organization together with a clear purpose. Providing an "insider's view" on technological trends helps companies stay on top of the curve and up to date in competitive markets. New business models use the latest research and methodologies to position a company for peak performance. 


  • Inspiration and revelation of latent challenges thanks to the contribution of external vision on tech trends and new business models
  • Identification of key innovation priorities, ready for Excom decision making
  • Engagement of business lines in the innovation process
  • Realignment of existing innovation programs with strategic objectives

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