We provide a team of A-list experts with complimentary skills to cover all sides of the business

Challenges & goals

So, you have your Idea. You’ve identified innovation opportunities that would create value for your core business. You’d like to test run these before exploring a more integrated path. You have limited human resources internally and you’re looking for a hands-on experienced team that will explore, design, and test these opportunities.


Our privileged position in the ecosystem - tied up with startups and corporates - helps us deliver by taking the best of both worlds. We gather a set of actionable resources that will make up the frame of your project. We provide a team of A-list experts with complementary skills to cover all sides of the business. We offer you access to our community to get inspired by players of the tech industry.

You’re in good hands from A to Z


The framework.
We formalize your need by
understanding the maturity of the idea,
the internal constraints, the involved team -
so we are 100% infused.


The priming.
We identify the opportunities,
we conceptualize them and
we test them.


The readiness.
We consolidate, we amplify
and we engage with stakeholders
so the idea becomes an opportunity
that scales.


  • Reducing the risk. We test, learn and test again, so you don’t have to
  • Focusing on your core business. We build upon your assets so you stay in control
  • Capitalizing on the right people. We select the mix you need of industry experts, doers, thinkers so you’re learning from the best
  • Delivering a project that is ready for take-off. We are hands-on so you can start fresh

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