Axeleo helps you define the main challenges to be solved and the best innovation levers to achieve your goals

Challenges & goals

Vision is here. You have identified strategic challenges that would increase your competitiveness and supplement your core business. You believe collaboration and co-creation of assets with startups boost innovation capacity and unlocks business opportunities. You have limited internal resources to drive startup sourcing and collaboration. Your business and startups’ lingo and culture differ slightly. 


Our combined DNA of VC and startup accelerator allows us to develop a complete three-step methodology to match the right startup with the right corporate at the right moment. You are looking for an experienced and skilled team that speaks both languages with professional know-how to recruit the right startups and accelerate collaborations? Here we are!

You’re in good hands from A to Z


Help you qualify and validate
your strategic challenges.


We surce startups in an ongoing
and proactive manner in line with i
dentified goals.


Bring together startups and
your business to unlock common
opportunities with tailor-made guidance.


  • Inspiration and revelation of latent challenges thanks to the contribution of external vision on tech trends and new business models
  • Identification of key innovation priorities, ready for Excom decision making
  • Engagement of business lines in the innovation process
  • Realignment of existing innovation programs with strategic objectives

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