One team dedicated to your success

Startup Manager

They have one priority: your growth! Working along with founders, they identify the pain points, look for the most relevant experts, setup and run individualized workshops, and push the startup upward on a daily basis.

Partners & Experts

With deep knowledge in the industry and the experience of scaling startups, partners and experts share their methodology and contacts to help you shape the most reliable company.


Our VC team joined Axeleo because our core DNA is to support companies through the accelerator. They bring everything that money can't do, such as guidance, management advices, business introductions, etc.


Make strategic decisions and address tactical concerns, thanks to a “dream team” of experienced business leaders


Based on their entrepreneurial experience, the tailor-made Dream Team will advise you and share insights to accelerate your growth. This mentoring team is typically composed of complementary seasoned entrepreneurs, with strong background in sales, marketing, as well as industry experts.

A Startup Manager and the founders will debrief monthly to sort the priorities to address with the Dream Team.

Execute faster thanks to intensive and business-focused acceleration sequences

Our sequences are based on the milestone every Enterprise Technology startup has to go through to operationally succeed. Together, we select from one to three sequences, based on your main needs, the complementarity of our team, and your business maturity.

  1. Acquire the first customer references
  2. Validate the target offer
  3. Evangelize the market
  4. Industrialize the sales
  5. Deploy a large account strategy
  6. Develop indirect sales

Sequences are coordinated by a dedicated startup manager and delivered with partners.

Build and grow a leading team of talents to scale your business

Benefit from our support to build the right team. Hiring is tricky and time consuming. That’s why we help you hire the right talents.

We can provide you with :

  • Definition of the positions to fill
  • Writing of the job offers
  • Talent sourcing
  • HR solution (ATS)

Benefit from our support to build the right team. Hiring is tricky and time consuming. That’s why we help you hire the right talents.

We can provide you with :

  • 100+ community members composed of peers and experts to learn from
  • 15 events per year including an international conference, feedback session from scale-up and networking
  • 1 knowledge platform full of ready-to-use tools and ressources, baked for you by the Axeleo team

Looking for talented teams which have proved their business capabilities. Ideal teams are made up of 2-3 complementary full-time founders aware of what it takes to grow a business and willing to be accelerated and challenged.


First POCs and paying customers generating an early-revenue (around 10K€ MRR) and raising a Seed round / pre-Series A.


Technologies such as AI, SaaS/PaaS, Blockchain, IoT with a strong barrier to entry solving large enterprise issues in Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, AdTech, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity.

Seed investment from 500K€ to 1M€ via Axeleo Capital
We provide funding (lead or co-invest) on the first VC round




Serie A investment from 0.5M€ to 3M€ via Axeleo Capital
We follow-on, only for the best startups who proved a business traction and execution capabilities since the seed stage.


Benefit from half a milion euroes of perks
500K€ of discount and perks including cloud providers, HR solution, marketing stack, etc.