Women and men of our teams

Our missions & values

We are focused

Seed is not a hobby: it is 100% of our DNA, of our time-dedication, of our know-how, or our network and of our investment strategy with a passion for B2B Tech. Investing in seed startups is a state of mind: we know how to manage the risk. We are excited about unearthing tomorrow’s nuggets! Our expert's research business disruption before everyone does.

We are business oriented

We have designed a first-class method to support seed startups and to invest in themselves. We help them grow quickly through the connection with our large community of seasoned entrepreneurs & CxO, peers of European leading VCs, and our network of business partners. Our talent includes software editors, vendors, consulting services working hand in hand with our acceleration consultancy firm.

We are time-conscious

At each stage, especially during seed, time is king. So much can happen every day, and every week! From a business pivot to the opportunity to design a new product or hire an experienced management team, there are many opportunities available. This is the reason why we are committed to making quick decisions, to help provide the best resources for you. Our aim is to boost your business.

About Axeleo

Creation of the Accelerator, based on a service-for-equity model, in France
Axeleo raised a 2.3M€ round and became the first accelerator backed by French Tech Acceleration Fund
Launch of the VC firm Axeleo Capital, and the seed fund dedicated to enterprise technology startups (Axeleo Capital I). Integration of the Corporate offer to strengthen the innovation strategy of large companies
Acquisition of the conference B2B Rocks
Launch of a vertical fund with an initial closing at €35M (€50M target size), Axeleo PropTech 1
Axeleo is the unique acceleration platform composed of an accelerator and a VC fund, with a team of 16 professionals, and backed by a partnership of 60+ experts and the French Tech.