• The Enterprise Tech Revolution : Building the Acceleration Platform

  • Our Manifesto

    Since early 2010, the whole B2B startup ecosystem has been abuzz. “Software is eating the world,” said Marc Andreessen while Justin Rosenstein has been leading the charge to “make enterprise software sexy again”.


    Fast forward to today. Business software has become sexy (again), it is driving the transformation of the economy and society. Startup creation in the space is booming, investments in enterprise technology are getting close to those in B2C-oriented tech. And still, B2B startups continue to fight for mindshare, struggle to be viewed as legit hypergrowth stories.


    Axeleo aims to provide an answer to this nonsense by helping companies in enterprise tech make it through the dreaded death zone unscathed, and ready for hypergrowth.


    Enterprise tech, the driver of digital transformation


    At Axeleo, we are betting on next-gen enterprise tech to lead the global digital transformation. We are convinced that helping startups scale will impact the entire value chain of digital transformation. And the way to do this is through a business acceleration platform, that is capable of supporting startups and corporates to boost their businesses and get into hypergrowth mode.


    Scaling a company is tough. Each step forward is hard, creates further doubt. Everything goes faster. Competition is always there. Founders have created a great product, but they need to sell it fast to keep their first mover’s advantage. They need to express the added value of their product, to test & learn, but also to get cash from customers. This is the death zone, a crucial make-or-break time for startups.


    Every day, Axeleo’s startup managers are working hands-on with the team to find answers to all these questions - and more. They help founders get organized: find the right offering to sell, deploy a repeatable sales process, build a solid foundation, and rely on middle management for execution. Of course, we trust founders to have a great vision, but we keep challenging them, and we don’t shy away from the tough conversations to keep the focus on things that matter.


    Investment as a mean, not an end


    When we built Axeleo in 2013, we designed a dedicated business acceleration program in response to a lack of resources for seed-stage enterprise startups. We created a dedicated operational team and convinced over 40 entrepreneurs with a background in enterprise tech to join the accelerator and help founders scale their companies and drag them out of the death zone safely.


    During these early years, we noticed many companies, including the ones we were accelerating, were putting themselves at risk when raising money to finance their growth. We also noted a trend among most VCs to raise the bar for Series A, with always increasing targets.


    We became convinced that combining acceleration and funding for our startups is the best way to de-risk them. Practically speaking, this means we invest at each key point of the business acceleration program: a seed investment when the startups enter the program, at the midpoint of the program when the startup gets ready to raise, and after it exists acceleration, through subsequent funding rounds. With our deep operational involvement, this is where we know we can add the most value.


    By being at the center of the action, we work closely with some of Europe's most successful venture capital and corporates. More and more Series A Funds bet on mature and specialized startups. As a business acceleration platform dedicated to enterprise technology, we know where to find them, and how to bring them to maturity.


    This is how we built Axeleo, to provide all the tools necessary to succeed in the enterprise world. We believe that our passion and our expertise simply make us the best to help startupers meet all their challenges.

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